Thank you so much for such a great party for Rebecca. They all had a blast (best party ever according to many of them). Any party that end with bows and arrows has to be good! We were very impressed with the whole setup. The kids had a lot of fun but your approach made sure they didn't get to the manic overexcited state they often do at parties. As parent, we loved the combination of fun in the outdoors and a bit of learning about their environment and how to be safe.

Heather and Karen,
Thank you for running a fantastic party for Ruare's 9th birthday. The boys all had a fantastic time. I think the most used word was "Awesome."

Aisling Grant

Thank you for Ross and Gregor's outdoor adventure party. They had "the best party ever". It was full of fantastic outdoor activities that the boys loved, especially the bow and arrows and den making. Lovely surroundings, well organised and great ideas to keep the boys active and happy. I think you have started a new party trend!

Emma Brown
(mum to eight year old twins)